I am trai­ned as a sys­te­mic coach and also cer­ti­fied as an Agi­le Coach and Trans­for­ma­ti­on Con­sul­tant. But let’s be honest: Ever­yo­ne is doing the trai­ning at the moment.

Coa­ching is about so much more than tools and methods - the indi­vi­du­al mind­set and the human fac­tor are key!


My values and per­so­na­li­ty as well as pro­fes­sio­nal com­pe­ten­ci­es as a mana­ger, mother of two, entre­pre­neur and abo­ve all as a curious, solu­ti­on-ori­en­ta­ted per­son make me an honest and com­mit­ted spar­ring part­ner on your pri­va­te and pro­fes­sio­nal path towards more cla­ri­ty and success.


Indi­vi­du­al or team coa­ching, busi­ness issue or per­so­nal imba­lan­ce - let’s talk honest­ly and start working tog­e­ther. I bring empa­thy, know-how and the tools, you bring the exper­ti­se for your issue. We will find the solu­ti­on together.

Why klar?




klar den­kend clear-thin­king
immer kla­rer her­vor­tre­ten to beco­me more and more apparent
habe ich mich klar genug aus­ge­drückt? have I made mys­elf per­fect­ly clear?
na klar! (inf) of cour­se!, sure! (inf)
etw klar und deut­lich sagen to spell sth out
jdm etw klar und deut­lich sagen to tell sb sth straight (inf)
etw tritt klar zuta­ge sth beco­mes appa­rent or obvious or clear
klar auf der Hand lie­gen to be per­fect­ly obvious or clear


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